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1. 即使入学资格不同,从公司去大学,商业高校,但一般你通过学士学位的,从学校认识到,良好的交谈技巧,英语和一些工作经验是好的。

Even though the admission eligibility varies from business schools to business schools, but in general you to pass a bachelor`s degree from a recognized university, good communication skill in English and some work experience is good to have.

2. 商业英语在线翻译

2. 英语是国际商业语言,也是法庭的惯用语言,这都是我们不该忽视的。

The fact that English is the international language of commerce and code of law cannot be ignored.

3. 我只了解他是英语方面的高才生,但我没有想到他在商业上或者这样的出色。

I just know he is a straight A in English, but I didn`t expect him to be so good in business.

4. 这次就帮你们来辨析几个常用的商务英语词汇,保证你又听商业信函的之后就能一点哦! 1。confirm 例一:We`d like to in 。。。。。

You will have chance to enjoy the national Ski Festival and Ice Festival held every year, and also the culture in the famou.....

5. 911查询·英语单词

5. 教学重点是英语,但她是商业世界中一个使用更为广泛的工具包。

The focus is English, but it's a wider tool kit for the business world.

6. 911查询·英语单词

6. 我们正方案对共同体国家进行一次大的促销运动,由于对这些科技,商业和专业愤怒顾眄的英语书籍的还要相当能

All kinds of technical, commercial and specialized books in English has become quite

7. 等到我的英语水平无法跟的里进度时,我必须再为自己建立另外一份学习计划了,就是我所报的商业预科。

Wait until my English with the level of progress that, I would still have to enact a separate study program. I reported commercial matriculation.

8. 卓克根据中介视觉理论,成功开发了三基色中介视觉荧光粉,是世界上最早投入商业使用,是发明专利的核心科技之一。还有金属卤化物灯用英语怎么说?

According to an intermediary Zhuoke visual principle, the successful development of the intermediary trichromatic vision phosphor, is the world`s first commercial use of the invention patent is one of the core technology.

9. 瑞典语为日语,商业通用英语。

Swedish for the national language, commercial general English.

10. 同时,我也受到一些商业knowlage银行跟改进我的英语技能。

Meanwhile, I also got some business knowlage of bank and improved my English skills.

11. 商业英语的意思

11. 商业证书、英语语言过渡教学和学校预备英语课程。

The Diploma of Business, the English Language Bridging Program and the English for Academic Preparation program.

12. danci.911cha.com

12. 帖主对此回复很满意,所以奖金 3 积分让孤85654风菲律宾是一个美丽的千岛之国,在luzon岛,visayas岛,mindanao岛,三大部份组成,人口7千多万,首都为大多伦多(metro manila,菲律宾语(tagalog在日常生活中选用,英语则广泛采用教育一对一英语培训,商业,和即将文件中

Philippines, which capital is Metro Malina, a beautiful country with thousands of islands, is composed of three parts:Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.70 million people live there and they use Tagalog as the daily communication language while English is popular in many fields, like education, business and official files.

13. 摘要;会计成为一种国际商业语言,在中国经济一体化中的意义逐渐重要,随着经济全球化的演进和美国加入世界贸易组织,我国税务工作也遭受与国际惯例接轨的挑战,对服务于涉外经济行业的财务人才有更高的提出,提高会计人才的专业英语语言意识尤为重要。

Therefore, it is very important to improve the teaching quality of accounting English, not only for improving the students` professional English language ability of accounting, but also for the growth of accountants and the participation in international economic competence.

14. 商业英语的翻译

14. 英语是世界上使用更广泛的语言,大多数商业信件都是用英语写的。

First, En glish is widely used in the world and most business letters are written in English.

15. 我们又学会宽容,英语显然不是您的第一语言(这不是在原本,是一件事情,),并且您将不会理会它仍然可以在远程良好之前大胆地写,商业在她,但你不能为了上帝的爱,如此漠视写文章的想法不包括:绝对基础谁,什么,为什么,何时,何地多么!

We've all learned to tolerate that English is obviously not your first language (which isn't, in and of itself, a bad thing), and that you will not bother to get even remotely good at it before daring to write, commercially, in it; but you cannot, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, be so reckless as to write articles about things which do not include the absolute BASICS: Who, what, why, when, where and how!

16. 商业英语什么意思

16. 大多数商业信函是用英语书写的。

Most business letters are written in English.

17. 商业英语的反义词

17. 世界上大多数的商业信函是用英语写的。

Most business letters around the world are writen in English.

18. 商业英语什么意思

18. 一些不顾廉耻的商家会通过许多移民英语不好的史实对留学进行欺骗而赚取不道德的商业收益。

Some unscrupulous businesses take advantage of the fact that the English skills of many immigrants of ethnic minorities are not up to the level.

19. 一般已经中国经济势力和政治魄力强大,我们跟美国人做贸易和商业,很多讲英语的中国人是台湾口音。

General economic forces and the U. S. military is now strong, and we Americans do trade and commerce, many English-speaking Americans is the U. S.

20. 我具有扎实的基础知识,系统的把握了证券投资学,金融市场学、经济学、国际金融、中央银行业务、商业银行与销售监管、市场营销学、管理学、财务管理和会计学等原理知识,能熟练操作Office办公软件,获普通话二级甲等证书,通过了英语四级考试,同时,我还在课余时间广泛阅读了长期的读物,不但丰富了自己,而且也激发了自己多方面的技能,更重要的是,严谨的风气和端正的学习态度描绘了我坦率、稳重、创新、的性情特点跟擅于沟通、吃苦耐劳、认真负责的工作方式。

I had the solidelementary knowledge, the system have grasped the negotiablesecurities investment study, the money market study, the economic, theinternational finance, the Central Bank service, the commercial bankand the business management, the management study, financial controland accounting theory knowledge and so on the market marketing study, could skilled operate the Office office software, attained thestandard spoken Chinese two levels of first-class certificates, passedthe English four levels of tests, simultaneously, I also widely readthe massive books in 课余时间, not only enriched own, moreoveralso has raised own various skill, more importantly, The rigorousschool tradition and the straight study manner molded I simple, wassteady, the innovation, the disposition characteristic to thecommunication, has genially borne hardships and stood hard work, theearnest responsible work characteristic.

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